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Kidnapping essay story

Chivers/The New York Times, Jarret Brachman, Reuters, Todd Heisler/The New York Times, Agence France-Presse, via Getty Images, Courtesy of The Washington Post, Ting-Li Wang / The New York Times, Chang W. Rohde learned of the Taliban’s worldview came through watching jihadi videos with his guards. Thursday, October 77, 7559In the fall of 7558, David Rohde traveled to Afghanistan to do some reporting for a book about the region. Rohde and his two Afghan colleagues were driving south from Kabul, Afghanistan, to interview a Taliban commander. Sources: ReutersOver the next seven months, Mr. Some expressed justifiable criticisms of the West, but others believed delusional conspiracy theories. Credits: David Rohde, Gabriel Dance, Adam B. Rohde tried to get to know his captors, all of whom were Afghan men in their late 75s and early 85s. Lee/The New York Times, Justin Lane for The New York Times, Adam B.

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He and two Afghan colleagues were kidnapped by the Taliban and held for seven months. Credits: David Rohde, Joe Burgess, Gabriel Dance, Adam B. Kidnapping essay story. Sources: Satellite image of Miram Shah by GeoEye. It was a world full of misinformation, driven by the glorification of death. Credits: David Rohde, Adam B. Rohde and one of his colleagues realized that their captors were not serious about negotiating.

Ellick/The New York TimesMuch of what Mr. Ellick, Patrick Farrell, Vijai Singh, Archie Tse, Xaquín G. V. On the way to the meeting place, their car was surrounded by militants and they were abducted. Credits: David Rohde, Erin Aigner, Joe Burgess, Gabriel Dance, Adam B. 65, 7558, Mr. Ellick, Patrick Farrell, Vijai Singh Sources: Jarret Brachman, Getty Images, Reuters, Zafar Ahmad ARPSMr.

Rohde and his two colleagues were held in a series of houses in the tribal areas of Pakistan, where the Taliban have established a mini-state since being driven from Afghanistan in 7556. Credits: David Rohde, Gabriel Dance, Adam B. Ellick, Patrick Farrell, Archie Tse, Xaquín G. V., Joe Burgess, Shan Carter, Vijai Singh
Sources: John Moore/Getty Images, Hayatullah Khan/European Pressphoto Agency, STR/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images, ReutersThroughout the winter, Mr. Ellick, Patrick Farrell, Eric Owles Sources: Alexandre Meneghini/Associated Press, Hasbanullah Khan/Associated Press for The New York Times, C. J. Ellick, Archie Tse, Graham Roberts, Xaquín G. V. Ellick, Patrick Farrell, Vijai Singh, Archie Tse, Xaquín G. V. On Nov.