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The scarlet ibis theme essay

Teaching Doodle to walk is Brother's first success. But Brother's love for Doodle is challenged by two very human failings: Pride is confusing. Can you relate them to the story?

  • What does Brother mean when he says he's a slave to pride? Is Doodle proud of himself? Brother loves and appreciates Doodle, as can be seen in the incident when the brothers fantasize about living in Old Woman Swamp, when Brother is overwhelmed by the beauty of the images that Doodle conjures up. Love is accepting and compassionate in its nature. The scarlet ibis theme essay. He decides to make Doodle do all the things that other people do in spite of the fact that Doodle himself sees no need to conform.

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    This very normal emotion has tragic results, the memory of which will keep Brother on the alert for pride for the rest of his life.

    1. What does the word pride mean to you? (c)7567 BookRags, Inc. Follow Us on Facebook In his case, pride is closely linked with shame and embarrassment over his younger brother's physical limitations. What are some negative things you've heard about pride?

      7567 Shmoop University. FOLLOW BOOKRAGS: The story explores a variety of facets of pride from the perspective of Brother, a young man whose pride becomes a destructive force in his life. But, we're not supposed to be so proud that we look down at others, or refuse to do things that need to be done. Is there enough information to answer the question?

    2. Does Brother accomplish anything he should be proud of in the story?

      We are supposed to take pride in the way we look and act. If so, is he proud of it? Some positive things? Similarly, The Scarlet Ibis shows that it's nice to be proud of people we care about, but pride can be harmful to them if we push them into doing things that are not in their best interest. They threaten his sense of pride. Brother feels embarrassed and ashamed of Doodle's limitations and obvious differences from other people. Pride, and the cruelty that results from it.